Siri embarrasses a woman by sending a text to her crush

Looking for relationship advice? If so, stay away from Siri.

A woman who goes by CeciMula on Twitter asked Siri if a guy named Grant would send her a text. Siri, either out of stupidity or pure wickedness, created a text from Ceci addressed to Grant asking him to text her. Ceci, flustered, saw Siri’s pending text, tried to get rid of it, and accidentally hit “send.” She recaps the horrifying moment and what happened next in series of tweets.

Mashable wanted to test Siri to check the accuracy of this story, and “got a similar result when asking if a contact would text us.” The moral of the story: Siri is not your friend. She is not your therapist. And she isn’t all that smart.

Image: iphonedigital

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